My Wheels Racing


Whether on land, water or even the air, my heart has always belonged to speed... Speed on two wheels, four wheels and even no wheels (boats)... Heck, and as many of you that know me, know I even walk really fast... Well here are some other vehicles that I use for my speedsports... And more to come...

Karting helmet, paint by Savage Designs

In 2008, I set out to get my SCCA Road Racing license and guess what... I got it...!
Below are some of my SCCA experiences in Mustang GT T2’s and Spec Miata’s.

OOPS!!!! Daytona Speedway chicane... 150 MPH to Zero in 2.3 seconds...

Rhoebling Road - Savannah, GA - SCCA Driving School

Daytona Speedway racing...

September 2012 - Daytona Speedway ITS 2nd Place in the 90 min. Enduro
Ben Hedrick Racing with Marc Dana

Driver change from Dana to Hedrick

2nd Place! Not bad for the first time in this race car… :)

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