Big Bend 2016

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Google car!!!

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Lighting by; Baja Designs. And let me tell you this, Big Bend is ONE DARK place with NO LIGHTS..!! Photo below is with no lights on.   :) 

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20160525 214719
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NOT GOOD!!! That is Mexico ahead and I should NOT be here AT ALL..!!! Can’t backup… :O

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VERY VERY nervous here… Now I’m coming “back into the United States”…

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Ok, OUT of Mexico and North bound to Big Bend. Just a cool train bridge.

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Just taking a break on the way.

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Camp site at Chisos Basin - Big Bend NP.

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Bacon bacon bacon...

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Tunnel ahead.

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Cool old place.

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Local Mexican’s cross the river each day to sell things on the honor system. Just leave your money in the can. The big scorpion in the photo was $6 bucks and looked cool, I left $10 instead. :)

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Hot springs (US side) and Mexico, right there. 

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Poser shot.

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Catus flowering 

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Sporting my new Pronghorn Bumper system, contact me if you’re interested in one. REALLY nice bumpers.

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Rock viens

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Just chillin'

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Speaking of chillin’; Mr. Rabbit has found some shade.

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Road Runner. Saw lots of these.

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Old Ore mine.

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Sunrise over Chisos Basin

20160525 123940

Taco’s and Cerveza’s in Mexico!! Mmmmmm goooooood….

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